Monthly Spotlight on a SALACIOUS Board Member: Leela!

A monthly featurette that lets our Board Members express themselves!
  1. What’s your story outside of being a SALACIOUS Board Member?

I help the sexually adventurous and those who wish they were create lives they love. As a sex-positive life coach I get to use all the skills I have to help people make themselves happy…and I’m currently in Portugal, training to add massage to my list of skills for getting people unstuck.  All of us have things we wish we would do and dreams we’d like to realize.  I help folks do that without compromising their sexuality to make it happen.  I believe firmly in uncompromising sexuality AND a life you love.

2. What’s your favorite artistic endeavor? (Like, movie, piece of art, painting, etc. We believe basically everything is art here!)

My favorite thing to do is write poetry; my favorite work of art is a way harder question.  I think my heart is most drawn to what is traditionally called craft—art that is meant to be used–Marge Piercy’s pitcher that cries for water to carry.  Or, you know, poems.  I love mugs, especially ones that are meant to wrap your hands around, and those steep-sided bowls you drink hot chocolate from in France.  I enjoy Magritte’s work but I wouldn’t hang it in my living room—I couldn’t live with it, it’s too disturbing.  Heather Corinna is a contemporary photographer whose work is stunning and sometimes erotic; there are dancers I couldn’t stop watching, I was captivated by the play, Proof.  So a little of everything.  Comic art, too, can suck me in although it’s not as easy a medium for me to engage with as words. And music!  My god, music is its own whole essay.  No Chopin, but Mozart and Telemann and Copeland and Natalie McMaster’s Volcano Jig is about the sexiest fiddle I’ve ever heard.  And vocalists?  I don’t even know where to start.  I start to feel drunk just thinking about art this much.

3. What current projects are you working on?

I’ve got a few things in the hopper. I have one client opening, mayyyyyybe two if you’re absolutely the right person.  (Are you the right person? drop me a note!)  Coaching is just about my favorite thing in the world because it’s so effective, so transformative, and so satisfyingly fast.  For those who don’t want to coach individually just yet, I JUST finished the draft for a fun little alt-sex guide I dreamed up, for when intercourse is not where it’s at.  Once that’s test-read and proofed it’s going to be part of an awesome deal I’ll be offering, probably before the end of the month that will include a little coaching (you heard it here first!).  People should get on my email list at my website if they want to find out more.
As for in-person, I’m coming back to the States in April to present on sexuality and Western religion at Momentum (, (the conference on feminism, sexuality, and new media being held in DC) and everyone should be there for SURE, it’s a fabulous conference and registration is STILL only $55.  Carol Queen will be there, Susie Bright will be there, Megan of Oh, Megan! will be there, Reid Mihalko will be there, it’s going to be amazing.  After that I’ll get back to the States for keeps on April 16, and will be launching my premium service, Tideworks, which uses a combination of bodywork (in person) and coaching to unstick the stuck and get your ass in gear.  I’m planning to book clients in one major city aside from my home location to start (I’m still working on choosing a city and am open to suggestions), and then expand to include other cities that I’ll travel to in order to support those clients.  That will be running concurrently with my regular coaching clients and some regular massage clients as well.  In May I’ll be presenting to the board of Mabel Wadsworth Center, the Bangor-area women’s health center, and there may be something going on this fall on the East Coast, but I don’t have details about that yet.

In the teleclass world I’ll be working with another coach as one of the guest experts for a series of calls on moving from discharged to take-charge—when that comes out I’ll be letting my list know, too, so again, sign up for the sex tips list, take the assessment if you want, and you’ll know exactly what I’m doing when I’m doing it.

4. Got a favorite website?

Other than

5. Leather or lace? Rubber or vinyl? Coke or Pepsi?

Leather, although on other people lace looks great and I don’t wear leather very often.
Neither: oddly enough, I don’t like the sensation of either one.  Give me cotton flannel, worn denim, fleece…hmm.  I think I live in the country. 🙂
Coke, but I stopped drinking it when I started tasting the chemical aftertaste.  If you want to make me happy, fizzy orange juice or pomegranate juice is a good drink for me. 

6. Got a favorite toy?

Heh.  Yes, but they don’t make it anymore.  It’s from Tantus, copyright 1998, and I guard it with my life.  But of the ones that are currently on the market I’m in LOVE with the Spare Parts harness.  Also, the JimmyJane line of Form toys is fantastic.

7. If you ran your own podcast, what would it be called? What would the content of it be?

Ooooh, a podcast!  Probably Uncompromising Sexuality or Unabashedly Sexy or something like that and I’d talk about having a life that integrates your sexuality and your inherent sexiness into the rest of your life, instead of locking it in the toy chest until the weekend.  Maybe it would be called Unlock the Closet, except that has such an LGBTQ coming out connotation, and I’d want to work much more broadly than that.

8. What’s the book/magazine/DVD on your bedside table? Why?

At home it’s usually a Maine Coast sort of thing, with pictures of beautiful houses on the water.  It’s my plan to get a place on the water and I like to keep my dreams and visions in front of me.  Also, it’s beautiful.  Here, it’s my computer or my anatomy book (I’m studying!).  And I just bought a book for my kindle called What Every Body is Saying, written by an FBI expert about reading body language. I’m totally excited to dig into that.  When I read fiction I read socially unredeeming novels or erotica.  I just finished reading my review copy of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new anthology of short-shorts, Gotta Have It, and it absolutely rocks. In fact, next on my to-do list is writing that review for her.

9. How did you come into your feminism?

By birthright on my mother’s side, although it seems to have faded as she aged.  I was also raised in a feminist faith tradition and have always had this intense sense of right and wrong; it all just fit together.  I’ve never questioned my feminism although I’ve been uncomfortable with it as a label—while I recognize the immense contributions of the second wave, I felt for a long time that there was no space in feminism for someone like me who was not in alignment with everything the second wave espoused.  The book Colonize This! Young women of color on today’s feminism, helped me start to really understand third wave feminism and begin to see a space I could occupy.

10. What advice or words of wisdom would you give the 16 year old version of yourself?

Follow your heart.  Do what actually feels right.  Don’t let anyone rearrange your priorities for you.  I was a very strong-willed youth, but I can see in retrospect that there were less difficult ways to arrive at this point in my life.  On the other hand, who we are comes from who we have been.  I have no idea what would have happened if I’d done then what I kind of wish I’d done.  I have a fabulous partner, a strong, growing business, and I live in the most beautiful place on earth.  Something must be right!  Someone once said to me, “those are the easy kinds of problems—you throw money at them and they go away.”  She was right; the money has often felt really hard to me, but those are the easiest problems to solve in many ways.  The heartbreak and depression and confusion and loneliness can’t be fixed with any sum—that’s where the work lies, and that’s why I do what I do, to help people disentangle the problems that don’t just vanish when you write them a check.  It’s incredibly rewarding to see people break the surface and start to breathe again when they realize that there’s a way out, there’s a plan, there is hope.  I help people make hope, not vapid, empty hope but real hope with legs and a foundation, hope that can be built upon.  It really changes people and their lives for the better, and that makes me INCREDIBLY joyful every day.

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Katie Diamond is an artist, activist, do-gooder, sex-geek, feminist queer with a penchant for ink pens and comix with an x.
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  1. Congratulations on your amazing work!

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